Jules Gilligan: I Know I Only Have To Ask To Get Further Support If I Need It

I am really enjoying the app for my training. It is simple to use and gives me the ability for getting structured workouts from my coach. My coach has analyzed the gap between where I am currently achieving and where I need to be, then it is all available online in the app. I also love being able to customize my workouts as it gives me much more convenience. I can adjust my training times and days according to my other commitments.

There is nothing more satisfying for my motivation than knowing I am progressing. I know my effort is paying off and it is extremely satisfying watching my increases. This is particularly motivating when looking at the visuals. My schedule from the pulse page changes colour when I complete the training. This is particularly satisfying when I see the planned training against the actual training I achieved. With the app I am confident that I am working efficiently and effectively and I can also join others in the social groups who share my goals.

I found with the app I am much more successful and motivated than previously. I know I will reach my goals, I have excellent support and structure for my training. I also know I only have to ask to get further support if I need it or if I plateau.

I would thoroughly recommend Qwik Kiwi. You should try it. You won't be disappointed.