14 Day FREE FTP Improver Challenge

Give Your FTP a Blast in Just 14 Days Training

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🚴‍♂️ Introducing the "14 Day FREE FTP Improver Challenge" – your fast track to cycling excellence! 🚀

Target Audience: Designed for athletes keen to elevate their FTP (Functional Threshold Power) in just 14 days, this program caters for beginner and intermediate cyclist who are wanting to boost their FTP in 14 days. 🕒

Training Plan HighlightsOur plan sets itself apart with meticulously crafted workouts targeting threshold, VO2 Max, and aerobic fitness. Get ready for a comprehensive physical transformation! 💪🏼

GoalsExpect a remarkable 2% FTP improvement in this brief 14-day challenge. 🏆

Content Details: Discover daily workouts that enhance your cycling performance, from boosting aerobic efficiency to conquering VO2 Max. 🔄

DurationSuitable for all levels, choose from five variations based on your current aerobic ability and invest time that suits you over the 14 days. Five different versions for athletes with different abilities. 📅

Support: Join our exclusive, private community of like-minded athletes, stay motivated, and exchange insights throughout the challenge. 🤝

MaterialsJust need a bike to get started! While power meters and smart trainers enhance your experience, they're optional. 🚴‍♀️🔧

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$0 One time

For a membership period of 20 days

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